Lotto jackpot Berlin wins 33.8 million. Euro

Lotto jackpot: Berliner wins 33.8 million. Euro

A lottery player from Berlin hit the lotto jackpot all by himself on Wednesday.

There it went suddenly completely fast. Before last Wednesday’s lottery draw, there was speculation that the lottery jackpot would have to be forcibly distributed and that the next lower prize categories would also get a slice of the big cake if prize category 1 remained unoccupied, but on Wednesday evening all the wishes of a lottery player from the capital came true. The Mego Lotto jackpot was hit.

He won all by himself in the highest prize category. He was the only person in Germany to have the six correct numbers 5, 12, 13, 33, 38, 39 and the correct super number 4 on his lottery ticket. This now brings him the proud sum of 33 million euros.832.008,60 Euro one. Madness.

Who the lucky one is, knows at the moment still nobody. And if everything goes well, it will stay that way, because no winner should advertise his sudden wealth. Otherwise the dream can quickly turn into a nightmare.

It is only certain that the winning ticket was handed in on Wednesday morning at 7:59 o’clock in an acceptance place in Berlin Mariendorf. The employment amounted to 10.50 euro. Observers conclude that this was probably a lone player who was perhaps on his way to work or a pensioner who had gone to fetch a quick roll.

Another interesting aspect of Wednesday’s draw was the fact that there was no winner at all in prize category 2 (6 correct numbers). On the other hand, 52 players won in prize category 3 (5 correct numbers + super number). Despite the jackpot participation, these lottery players only received just under 15.000 euros.

Valuable lottery ticket

For the winner from Berlin now the question arises as to the whereabouts of the lottery ticket. He should guard it like the apple of his eye. Since the lottery tickets from the kiosk don’t have any player data on them, practically anyone who finds the ticket anywhere could make a claim against the lottery company. If you submit the real ticket on time, you will receive the 33.8 million euros.

Who plays online lotto, does not need to worry about something like that. Nobody can steal the winning ticket and it can also not be lost.

But online lottery players and players who hand in their lottery tickets at the kiosk have one problem in common: Where to put all the money?
What do I want to buy? What do I want to spend money on or invest or save or…or…? Even as a millionaire one’s got it hard…