Bingo is a good way to pass the time on a trip to Norway

On a trip to Norway, bingo is a good way to pass the time

Something has happened on the list of the most popular destinations. It does not have to be the airplane any more. In times of the Corona pandemic, people have rediscovered car travel. One destination that has become interesting for many is Norway. In this context, one should immediately consider an evening program when planning one’s vacation. Because this could be difficult in Norway.

There are many reasons for a vacation in Norway. The waters are very popular with anglers. You can find a lot of peace and nature, as the country is not very densely populated. This is especially true in the regions that are not in the south of the country. Norway is suitable for an active summer vacation as well as for a winter vacation. Norway’s ski resorts are snow-sure until Easter. There are numerous possibilities for actively organizing the day.

In the evening it is rather quiet in Norway

In contrast, Norway is not known for its debauched nightlife. While there are, of course, various entertainment options in major cities. However, these are often rather uninteresting for vacationers from Germany. This is mainly due to the high prices in Norway compared to Germany and other vacation destinations. Alcohol in particular is very expensive, so going to a bar or pub is not an option for many people. Actually, this is exactly what you would like to do after a day of fishing or skiing.

By the way, bingo is very popular among Norwegians. In recent years, bingo halls in the cities have again been increasingly visited to spend time together and, with a little luck, win something. So if you want to spend the evening typically Norwegian, you can also play bingo as a tourist. For those who don’t want to take the trip to the nearest city or are afraid of a language barrier, there is also the option of playing bingo online. A lot of information for bingo on the Internet can be found on Since the rules of the game are relatively simple compared to other games of chance, you can quickly find your way in here even as a newcomer and spend the evening properly Norwegian.

What do Germans appreciate about Norway as a travel destination?

An important point, especially for northern Germans, is the easy accessibility by car. While you can’t reach Norway without paying to use a ferry or bridge, there are several routes to choose from. A very popular option is to travel by ferry from Kiel to Oslo. This half-day cruise brings a cruise ship flair to the trip. Namely, these are ships that offer upscale standards and entertainment such as a swimming pool and a theater. If you don’t want to spend the night on the high seas, you can cross from Denmark to Norway or Sweden. Depending on the ferry connection, it only takes a few hours to get there. However, this also means much longer travel times in the car.

Norway vacation | Photo: Michelle_Raponi,, Pixabay License

The car is so popular as a means of travel, because then you can already bring some food with you. For example, spending in a Norwegian supermarket can be limited to fresh food and save a lot of money. As a tourist you have to pay attention to the customs limits for alcohol and tobacco products. There are hefty fines if you are caught exceeding the allowances.

What belongs to the preparation for the vacation

You should of course find out in advance where you can shop and find a doctor. If you want to take advantage of the Norwegian evening entertainment, you should also research this already in the home country. Many Germans who travel to Norway for the first time want to learn Norwegian to be able to communicate at least a few words in the national language. This appreciation for the country and its people can quickly pay off if you get an insider’s tip for a fishing spot or a particularly scenic hiking route during a conversation.