What does the name Rewe actually stand for

What does the name Rewe actually stand for?

This is what is hidden behind the names of German companies.

You know them all, Rewe, Edeka, SAP or Aldi*. But what do these names stand for and what is hidden behind them? In fact, the common company names are often just abbreviations for bulky long designations. And some will be surprised what, for example, the names Rewe and Edeka stand for.

This is what is hidden behind German company names:

  • RWE , Energy company
    an abbreviation for “Rheinish-Westfalian Electricity work”
  • Rewe, supermarket chain, retail group
    stands for “ReVISION ASSOCIATION OF Westkauf cooperatives”
  • Uvex, Manufacturer of sporting goods and occupational safety
    an abbreviation for “Ultraviolet excluded” (protection from UV light)
  • BASF, Chemical company
    An abbreviation for “Badic Anilin and Soda-Fabrik”
  • SAP, Software forge
    initially stood for “Systemanalysis and Programmentwicklung GbR”, now stands for “SAP GmbH Systeme, Anuses and Products in data processing”
  • E.on, Energy company
    Fancy name from the advertising agency. Stands for E like energy and on like switch on.
  • degussa, Precious metal trading
    an abbreviation for “Deutsche Gold- und Silber-Scheide-Anstalt”
  • osram, Lamps manufacturer
    a name combination of the two chemical elements Osmium and wolfram, which were initially used for the production of lamps
  • infineon, IT manufacturer
    Artificial word from Infinity (infinity) and Aeon (eternity)
  • DHL, Transport service provider, belongs to Deutsche Post
    stands for the first letters of the surnames of the former company founders Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom and Robert Lynn
  • EADS, Aviation and armor
    an abbreviation for “European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company”
  • Gagfah, Residential real estate
    an abbreviation for “Gemeinnützige Aktien-Gesellschaft ft Angestellte-Heimstätten”, the opposite of what the group stands for in public perception today
  • Audi, Car manufacturer
    stands for the family name, translated into Latin, of company founder August Hark. Audi later merged into Auto-Union-AG, which in turn later changed its name to Audi.
  • Stada, Drug manufacturer
    an abbreviation for “”Standardarzneimittel De German Apotheker”
  • Hapag-Lloyd, Shipping company
    an abbreviation for the Hapag (Hamburg-Amerikanische Paketfahrt-Aktien-Gesellschaft) and the Norddeutsche Lloyd merged companies
  • Edeka, Supermarket chain
    the spoken Abbreviation E.d.K., which for “Einkaufsgenossenschaft dhe Kolonialwarenhändler in the Halleschen Torbezirk zu Berlin” stands for
  • Aldi, discount chain
    An abbreviation for “Albrecht Discount”, Albrecht were the last names of the two company founders
  • Tchibo, Coffee roasters
    a made-up name from the surname of company co-founder Carl Tchiling-Hiryan and coffeebohne (which can be found in the logo)
  • WMF, Manufacturer of pots and cutlery
    an abbreviation for “Württembergische Metallwaren-Fabrik”
  • VARTA, Battery manufacturer
    an abbreviation for the original purpose of the company, namely “Vertrieb, Aufladung and Reparatur transportable Akkumulatoren”

Some names, such as.B. Aldi will surely be generally known by now. But one or the other company name, and how it originated or. what it stands for may have been a surprise to some.


History rocks

On the whole, it can be said that older companies with a decent history generally used a convenient abbreviation for the company’s purpose or main product as the company name. In the case of newer companies, such as infineon, the creatives in the laboratories of the communications agencies have lent a hand. One may certainly argue with pleasure about which names have turned out better.