Things to know about sports betting

Things to know about sports betting

Sports betting in Germany – unlike in England, for example – has only been growing in popularity for the last few years. The reason: sports betting in Germany is very strongly regulated by the legislator. Until the German-German reunification, sports betting enthusiasts only had the opportunity to place a sports bet with the state-owned provider Oddset. Private providers exist in Germany only because licenses issued under the last GDR government retained their validity through the Unification Treaty.

Significantly, the number of bookmakers allowed to offer sports betting in Germany has expanded due to the opportunities offered by the Internet: Numerous bookmakers have settled in states such as Malta, Cyprus or Gibraltar, where much more liberal legislation applies with regard to sports betting. They present their betting offer on online platforms and can also offer on the German market thanks to the freedom of movement that applies within the European Union.

Questions are answered here

Because betting offers on the German market are relatively new, many interested parties enter uncharted territory, so to speak, when they want to place their first bets. To make matters worse, they are faced with an almost unmanageable number of providers with an even larger offer of possible bets. Especially beginners should therefore make themselves smart in advance and inform themselves on relevant platforms around sports betting. On the platform of they will find, for example, an extensive forum where they can ask specific questions and get quick help from other users. Even browsing through the questions that have already been asked can be worthwhile for one or the other, because they discover an aspect that they have not yet encountered.

Which bookmakers are good?

If you have little experience with sports betting, you should also be careful when choosing a bookmaker. As everywhere, there are numerous black sheep in this area, in addition to a large number of reputable providers. But even among the reputable bookmakers, there are sometimes significant differences. For example, each bookmaker determines its own betting odds. This means for the customer that he has different chances of winning with different bookmakers. There are also big differences in payment options, support and service.

Therefore, it is worthwhile, especially for beginners in the field of sports betting, also in terms of the conditions of different bookmakers to inform in advance. The platforms on which betting providers are compared with each other screen out dubious providers from the outset. So visitors will already find a pre-selection of bookmakers where it is worth to place a bet. The individual providers are then put under the microscope in a detailed test. In addition to the range of sports bets, the service and any bonus programs also play a role in the rating. Because most bookmakers offer attractive bonus programs for both new and existing customers.