The big win And what now

The big win: And what now?

For many it is the large dream: Once in the Lotto win, a Jackpot in the play casino crack or with a scratch ticket the world journey financed get. Of course, this hope will come true only for the fewest, which is why hardly any winner actually expects it when the day comes all at once. If you suddenly find yourself with a huge sum of money, the first reaction is often amazement and confusion. How does life go on now and what decisions can you suddenly make on a whim? We give a few tips on how to celebrate your winnings and at the same time protect yourself from negative repercussions.

The first moment of shock

The big win And what now

Just now you are sitting at your laptop and want to spend a few exciting minutes in the online casino. You open the platform, log in and choose one of the games. The choice falls on an online scratch card, which is easy to play and immediately reveals possible winnings. Scratching a virtual coin takes only a few moments, then a message appears on the screen that is hard to believe. Jackpot! Several thousand euros flash and the player learns that he has cashed out the maximum profit. Depending on the type of game, such winnings can amount to hundreds of thousands of euros or even millions. In a fraction of a second, your entire life has changed. The credit for the house does not worry any more, the old car, which groans already laboriously when driving, may go finally into pension. Even the dream of a trip around the world suddenly comes very close. Of course, such a win is a reason for joy, no question about it! For many winners, however, the first moment is dominated by shock. Therefore, here already comes the most important tip: do not make hasty decisions! Once you have the profit in your account, the amount does not run away. Now you have to take a deep breath and sleep a few nights over it. Large purchases should not be made yet and also the dismissal of the own job should be waited for now.

Be sparing with changes

If you suddenly have a large sum of money at your disposal, you are tempted to change everything in life. Suddenly there are enough assets to buy a new house or even to move to the seaside. The job is no longer any fun either, you'd rather start your own business with a long-awaited business idea or just stop working altogether. As tempting as all these changes sound, they often have a negative consequence. After all, if the initial excitement fades, many winners feel uprooted and miss parts of their old lives. Those who no longer work may wish to be needed more or to be part of a team again. Someone who has moved to a fancier neighborhood may miss their social circle of neighbors or their own backyard terribly. Of course, this does not mean that you should just leave your money in the account. Changes are good, but should be really thought through. What things bother you in your own life and have done so even before the win? What did you always want to improve and what were you actually satisfied with until recently? This is where it often helps to create simple decision-making tools like a pro-con list, noting all the pros and cons of making a change. While the new car may bring real joy, the house in which one has lived for many years is actually quite nice and cozy. You should also think about who you want to tell about your winnings. Most advice centers recommend that you keep a low profile, otherwise you may get into arguments with friends and have to be prepared for numerous requests for personal loans. The fancy Porsche in front of the house could of course cause question marks with the neighbors. If you don't want that, you might rather invest your money in a dream trip or your own business idea.

Winning the lottery or the jackpot can change your life abruptly. Even though most of the changes are very pleasant, you should beware of quick decisions that interfere too much with your everyday life. The money does not run away and can be invested even after several months. This is how you make sure that the win brings a lot of joy, but at the same time does not turn your life completely upside down.