Daily money account with 7% interest

Call money account with 7% interest

Attractive interest for daily money one finds today only rarely. But they do exist.

A good savings opportunity is unfortunately very difficult to find in this day and age. Also call money accounts promise at the moment only very rarely a lucrative interest rate. If one wants to use nevertheless the advantages of the daily available money with an attractive net yield at the same time, one must look around already a little at the market. There you can certainly find a call money account with an interest rate of 7%. The own house bank will not offer something like that.

Alternative call money

With a daily money account a very good alternative to the old passbook was created. No one should use a savings book today. It is inflexible in terms of availability and handling and also only yields minimal interest. Some banks also charge account management fees for a savings account book. Therefore, if you want your money to be a safe investment, it is better to park it in a call money account.

The daily money transactions are accomplished today by most bank customers usually by means of Internet Banking independently. A bank supervisor is therefore only rarely needed. Also the call money account can administer account owners themselves on-line and thus daily the finances see.

Do your banking from home

Daily money account with 7% interest

Of course, the issue of security is not neglected either, because the savings are subject to the German deposit guarantee (up to 100 euros).000,00). The reserves on the daily allowance account are thus not only very well interest-bearing, but also sufficiently secured.

Call money account with 7% interest – top value among savings products

Who deals a little with offers on the financial market, finds quite Call money accounts with an interest rate of 7 percent. Such an offer is absolutely top in comparison to the meager interest rates that the vast majority of daily allowance accounts of the banks currently offer. Of course, the money is, as with call money generally available daily.

Other advantages at a glance

The call money account with 7% interest of the Eurokasse offers besides the advantage that the account management is free during the complete running time. Another positive aspect is that opening an account is both relatively simple and quick. Simply the request form at the domestic computer completely fill out and directly on-line convey.

The only prerequisite for opening a daily allowance account is the possession of a salary or salary account. Current account at another bank. This current account is then deposited as a reference account and only between these two accounts deposits and withdrawals can be made. This circumstance contributes of course also enormously to the security. Money transfers to other accounts are so not at all possible.

Within 48 hours, the account is then activated and the first deposits can already be made. The daily allowance account can be viewed online at any time.


Who is looking for a good savings opportunity, is certainly well advised with the call money account of the Eurokasse. The simple account opening, the free account management and the very high interest rate of 7 percent speak clearly for this call money account.