How a slot machine jackpot works

How a slot machine jackpot works

Slot machines are one of the classic games of chance and have always been found in various casinos and gambling halls around the world. Nowadays you can also find a wide range of slot machines at online providers. Although the games are purely gambling, where the house has an advantage of course, there are always wins, even with payouts in large amounts. The correct handling of the slot machines is therefore crucial. Unlike investments or financial plans, however, you need to be aware in advance that you should not play slot machines to make money.

The system of slot machines

However, how do slot machines work at all? The machines are devices that are regulated and have set payback rates (return to player). These are usually higher at online providers such as Mr Green than at traditional arcades, which is to the benefit of players. Here you can find payback rates of up to 97. This value means that, for example, if you bet 100 Euros, you will prospectively win back 97 Euros. However, these are average odds, which include millions of game rounds and are therefore measured over a very long period of time. Although the advantage is with the house, each new game round is calculated independently. This means that each round is carried out regardless of how long you have played so far or how much you have won or lost.

Progressive Jackpots

When it comes to the topic of slot machines and jackpots, the concept of progressive jackpots is crucial. What is a progressive jackpot? This is a system in which there is a constantly growing jackpot. Each bet on the machine increases the jackpot, because the casino takes a certain percentage of its profits and thus increases the jackpot. Progressive jackpots can be found both online and in the traditional arcades again. The odds of winning are related to the type of progressive jackpot. At the stand-alone jackpot machine, only those funds flow into the jackpot which were deposited at the said machine. The maximum jackpot is therefore smaller and is usually less than 10.000 euros, but the payout rate is more frequent. Local progressive jackpots refer to machines that are connected to each other in the same casino. The payout rates here are medium but still lower than those of the large-size ones and usually amount to ca. 100.000 euros. The large-scale progressive jackpot machines are interconnected across casinos and offer winning sums in the millions. However, these machines also have a small chance of winning.

Become a millionaire with a click

Nevertheless, it happens again and again that people collect the big win. The record was set by a British soldier, who won on 6. October 2015 played a few rounds on the online slot Mega Moolah with a stake of only 0.25 euros each and suddenly won the huge sum of 17.879.645 euros won. Only a scant 20.000 euros behind it is a Finnish player who won with a single bet of also only 0.25 euros on 20. January 2013 with the game Mega Fortune 17.861.won 813 euros. What if you win millions several times? This was the case of a player from Sweden, who won a sum of 1.9 million euros in 2015, and then again in 2023, a profit of 4.3 million euros. In the same year, a German woman won a jackpot of 3.3 million euros. Whoever wins progressive jackpots has beaten the house for life.