Even during Corona, online casinos serve as an entertaining pastime

Also during Corona online casinos serve as an entertaining pastime

Passing the time during Corona

Online casinos are a popular destination for people looking for entertainment even during Corona times. The number of players at virtual casinos continues to rise, and online casinos are posting record profits every year. This was the case even before the first lockdowns. But how has the online gambling industry fared and are players risking more when their backs are against the wall financially due to the Covid measures? What strategies do companies follow in times of social distancing and quarantine?

Is the Corona pandemic accelerating the transition from classic casinos to their virtual counterparts?

Online gambling has achieved new record profits every year until the outbreak of Covid-19. Traditional arcades and casinos lost more and more market share and were forced to close in some cases if they did not expand their offering to the Internet as well. The reason for this is the advancing quality and quantity of gaming offerings from online casinos, coupled with the reduced hassle associated with playing at home. If you look around today at a modern online casino with a gambling license from Malta or Great Britain, you will usually find hundreds of games of various categories available in just a few clicks. In addition to slots, which are known to make up the largest part of the gaming assortment of virtual casinos, there are numerous table games and a live casino.

New slot games are launched virtually every day, and live casinos are now so conveniently available via computers, tablets and smartphones thanks to modern video streaming that they continue to grow in popularity compared to a visit to a traditional casino. This is especially true when a casino visit is associated with the annoying wearing of a mouth-nose protection. Online casinos have reacted to the restrictions caused by Corona and are increasingly offering bonus promotions and new games in order to win over customers and retain them in the long term.

The pandemic is also a challenge for many gaming companies

The measures against the spread of the Covid-19 virus have presented companies in a wide range of industries with a major task. Since online casinos and sports betting providers are known to wholly – respectively. at least in part – via the Internet, the consequences of the measures for these companies were difficult to assess at the beginning. Large betting companies suffered particularly from the consequences of the lockdowns, as one by one the major soccer leagues, tennis tournaments and other important sporting events suspended their operations. Thus even large providers of sports betting the hands were tied. Online casinos, on the other hand, have specifically positioned themselves in the entertainment market as an exciting alternative to other leisure activities that were still available during the lockdown. Because for the majority of visitors to online casinos, the focus is on excitement and fun when playing.

Even during Corona, online casinos serve as an entertaining pastime

How has the pandemic affected the finances of online casinos?

On the question of whether virtual casinos have benefited from the global restrictions or not, one finds contradictory messages. For time and again, there is talk of people passing the time more than usual by gambling. Now you have more time at home to spare. In addition many have lost their jobs, boredom and the urge for variety are becoming increasingly strong.
Accordingly, some online casinos reported a significantly higher increase in new players and higher activity from existing customers than before the pandemic. Some studies show, however, that not every online casino has been able to record such increases.

The average gaming behavior at online casinos has probably not changed significantly. Most players still use gambling to pass the time. It becomes dangerous only if one surrenders oneself completely to the play due to lack of perspective – a quite increasing problem in times of Corona and associated rising numbers of unemployed – and exceeds its financial borders due to gambling addiction. Healthy gaming, with its unpredictable features, is supposed to be fun first and foremost, not a reliable source of income.

Safe gambling with minimal losses in quarantine

Who visits online casinos primarily to pass the time, can now benefit from some bonus promotions of the companies. The competition between virtual casinos has become tougher with each passing year. The companies are always looking to lure customers with the most attractive offers possible and reward them for playing the game. The March 2020 measures to curb the coronavirus further fueled this competition. Casual gamers can certainly use this circumstance for themselves.

If you want to experience a little more excitement at quarantine times and preferably not lose your own money, you can play for real money via bonus without deposit with low risk. In these bonuses, players receive bonus money or free spins for slots from the casino, which are automatically unlocked after registration and do not require a deposit from customers. Winnings can be claimed within the limits set by the provider and after fulfilling the turnover requirements (where you can, for example, win a certain amount of money). the winnings must be wagered an additional 20 times) are paid out later on.

Outlook on the future of online gambling

How long we will have to live with the effects of the Corona crisis is difficult to predict. Although one hears again and again about new progress in the research for a suitable vaccine, it can quickly take several months to years until an active ingredient is approved. In times of limited entertainment options, the thrill of gambling will probably continue to keep people glued to their screens, to whom passive “series watching” on Netflix and co. too boring and who are not enthusiastic about classic video games.

Thanks to modern technology, games of chance will continue to be produced in ever higher quality in the future and the range of games on offer will continue to grow. It is also conceivable that streaming software can be used even more effectively, espw. via cloud gaming, where players can access powerful gaming computers via stream and use elaborate games. Who knows, maybe the current situation will drive the development of cloud gaming even further. Now that major sports competitions are back underway, betting operators can also breathe a sigh of relief, with business likely to recover quickly. It remains to be seen, however, how long sports competitions can continue to be held according to plan if clubs and associations continue to lack essential spectator income.