Local casino or rather live casino

Local casino or rather Live Casino?

Gambling is one of the most popular leisure activities of the Germans. No matter whether alone or in the group, in the gaming house, in the casino or in the Internet, everywhere there is the possibility to play already for small money a little bit. It has always been like this.
However, the nature of gambling has changed significantly. Were once the large casinos the only way to play a little besides Lotto, Toto and the popular scratch cards, which every week millions of Germans to gamblers make.

But this is no longer the case, because now there are numerous gaming houses and of course online casinos with so-called live casinos in Germany, which also offer the feeling of a real casino at home in front of your own computer. We show you the advantages of each variant of casinos and explain for whom a live casino may be more suitable than a local casino.

The classic casino

Local casinos or. Casinos are in Germany only in large cities, such as the casino Berlin. Usually these are located in exposed places and are also difficult to reach by car. In addition, entrance fees and the prescribed etiquette for one's clothing, which make it difficult to visit a local gambling house. As a rule, it is not really worthwhile to go to the casino if you only want to play for half an hour with a small stake on the machine or just want to play a few hands of blackjack.

Those who are not prepared to regard a visit to the casino as a full evening activity had better think twice about whether a visit to the casino is right for them. The more comfortable variant can be found online.

The advantages of an online live casino

The principle of an online live casino is easily explained. Here a Black Jack or Roulette table or even a Baccarat game is simply streamed and displayed in the browser. The players have the possibility to take a seat at the Black Jack or Baccarat table or to play at the Roulette table together with other players. Of course, a real dealer or a real dealer. The croupier is responsible for the course of the game and always makes sure that the players get a real casino feeling.

Compared to a casino, there is also no need to wait long for a seat, because there are significantly more tables available to players. So you have the opportunity to find a seat even if the initially selected table is first fully occupied. In roulette, of course, there is the possibility to play regardless of the number of players, because here no maximum number of participants is given.

Advantages of an online live casino

The live casinos in Germany also have the advantages that the euro is the currency used and that the German language is spoken at the table. This makes it quite easy for German players to concentrate fully on the game.

The deposit in an online live casino can be made within a few minutes and with most providers not even a special casino software is necessary. This means that online live casinos in particular are very well suited to simply play a round in between games. And, of course, this does not involve an immense expenditure of time like at a local casino.

In our opinion, online live casinos are suitable for any player who can do without the special feeling of a local casino, which is now largely dominated by slot machines anyway. That is why more and more players are opting for an online live casino in Germany.